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Marching With Debbie

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Marching With Debbie


This disease totally changed the world for our family.

We will never forget the day Debbie was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma in November 2016. It had metastasised to her lungs, breast, tummy, femur and buttock – 9 tumours in all. She was given 6-9 months if treatment didn’t work.

Since that day, the treatment, appointments and medication is the focus of the lives of Debbie, her husband Charlie and pooch Finn.

The initial targeted therapy worked for a year before the cancer came back with an egg size tumor on her spine and a tumour in the glands on her neck. Treatment was radiation on her spine tumour as pain therapy.

As there is no cure for Stage 4 Melanoma, Debbie’s oncologist recommended immunotherapy – which wasn’t yet on the PBS, but was approved on compassionate grounds.

The best outcome is that it becomes a chronic illness – which is where Debbie is at now.

From Debbie: “Immunotherapy messes with your mind and body. Being sick is my normal. Side effects are everyday.”

In November 2021, melanoma was detected in a tumor the size of an fist under her arm. This time the tumour was removed during surgery, along with her lymph nodes. This was followed by 5 weeks of daily radiation treatment.

Post treatment scans have now revealed a tumour in her breast – this is yet to be scanned, diagnosed and treated.

She is still alive and happy (Debbie's words) – remains positive and supportive of others and a good friend to all.

We are grateful that Debbie is still here fighting, and we are again asking for help to fight this cancer – not only for Debbie, but for the 16,000 Australians who will be diagnosed with melanoma this year, and face treatment.

You can support us by clicking Donate and making a secure online donation. Thanks so much for your support!

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Marching With Debbie

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